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Video: Travis and Larry Holley share memories of their brother


  1. Buddy was a natural born talent who had a profound impact on music even to this day. he was my personal inspiration to learn music and I still have the original 45rpm of “Peggy Sue” thanks for this great site……..keep his spirit alive. Rock On !

  2. I think Buddy would have gone all the way with his music. Just like others had. I live in lubbock now and I am sure that he would never had forgetten his home town.

  3. loved this.. would love to see more of the holley brothers talkin about my idol/hero buddy…. he would look alot like them if he was still here in the flesh… i do think he is here in spirit.. rock on kat

  4. Very nice to see the brothers, but also so sad. Buddy died such a long time ago, and to think he could still be alive today, making music. And Ritchie Valens would be the same age as Dylan. It’s frustrating.

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