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Show drops Bloody Holly name

buddyartlrThe FMX-sponsored Bloody Holly Festival has changed its name to Pedal To The Metal Tour 2009, Wes Nessman, FMX program manager, told The Avalanche-Journal.

The third-annual heavy metal concert, scheduled for Sept. 6 at the Lonestar Amphitheater, had sparked controversy after members of Buddy Holly’s family raised objections to the festival’s name.

Nessman said it was a change in the concert’s lineup, however, not family complaints that led to the last-minute name change.

“Zakk Wilde (ex-guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne), who was in the co-headlining slot with Black Label Society, went to the hospital about a week ago. Nobody thought it was serious or anything, but it turns out he has a whole bunch of blood clots in his legs and lungs. With him out, we have to redo all of our materials anyway. With him out, we need to focus on the bands that are playing, and not this other stuff,” Nessman said.

This week’s news that Holly’s widow, Maria Elena Holly, is in negotiations with local promoter Gary Boren to revive Lubbock’s defunct Buddy Holly Festival also played a role in the decision, Nessman said.

“I may be wrong, but my belief is the reason they kicked up a fuss after three years is to promote and/or protect their event. That’s one of the reasons why I’m happily walking away from the name,” he said.

“I wasn’t looking to aggravate anybody,” Nessman said. “Thirty-year-old people, when they hear ‘Bloody Holly,’ they hear a play on words. They don’t picture Buddy Holly in any way, shape or form. He’s not on their radar.”

So, it’s not a cop-out or anything. With one of the co-headliners dropping out, we need to not be saying the name (of the festival); we need to be saying the name of the bands. So even if this hadn’t have cropped its ugly head, you wouldn’t have been hearing ‘Bloody Holly’ on the air right now. You’d be hearing ‘Mudvayne, Static-X’,” he said.

Other bands performing include metal acts Bury your Dead and Suicide Silence, Negative 263 from Abilene, and local bands Blood Red Summer, Darker Shade of Grey and Hail to Arms.

“There’s also a sideshow circus thing called Hellzapoppin that’s happening between some of the acts. It’s the kind of guys that stick needles in their faces and throw darts at each other. . You know, that kind of stuff,” Nessman said.

Promoters have no plans to add another band to replace Black Label Society on the tour.

“If you were going to the show just to see Zakk,” says a posting on KFMX.com, “you may return your tickets to the place you purchased them for a refund.”

Pedal To The Metal Tour

Headliners: Mudvayne, Static-X, Bury your Dead and Suicide Silence.

Texas Stage: Negative 263, Blood Red Summer, Darker Shade of Grey and Hail to Arms.

When: Sept. 6, 4:30 p.m.

Where: Lonestar Amphitheater, 602 E. 19th St.

Tickets: $40.75, available at Ralph’s Records, 3322 82nd St.

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  1. Hi,Do u think “The Crickets”will perform in the uk again,they did once,I belive in about 1958,with Buddy,Ive cn the show several times,can still recall the day,my school pal Dave Cox,broke the news to me,I fell back in disbelife,totaly shocked,
    At the time we were in a group at school which included “Richard Ritchie Blackmore”,guess u,d call it a band nowa days,I would love to c “The Crickets”
    As the memory lives on,over here,I,m in England,who knows wat/how great,Buddy would have become,been to Lubbock one time,1996,For me theres been know one since,that does it……I cant find an obitury for Buddy.

    Big Buddy Fan Keithy

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